Package design
Beautiful packaging design is capable of provoking customers’ emotions and creating competitive advantages
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The importance of package design

Package is a form of advertising and marketing products. It is the only thing consumers can see before making a decision to buy a product. In addition to protecting products and making transportation convenient, package design should be attractive enough to your target market. It is also very important in conveying the necessary information about the content and quality of the product, and stimulating customers’ feelings and needs.


Packaging is an important element in positioning your brand in the market.


Packaging shows the orientation of your product segmentation


Package is the effective tool to promote customers’demand because the buyers are always attracted by eye-catching things


A smart package item will optimize its role in protecting and transporting products


An impressively designed package item enables customers to easily remember, classify and choose products


Well-designed package helps meet international standards for export and integration

Cooperation Process


Once Sinhvu is wanted, we will contact the clients for a date and ask for a meeting where we can have a thorough discussion about the client’s business,   their needs and budget for the project. It’s also a chance for us to show them what we have done and why they should choose us. All questions from clients will be answered as well.


We will study specific information about products required to be designed like type of product, target audience, package material to use, etc.


We will design the package item based on the information and requirements provided by the client.

Handover and liquidation

The final product after being adjusted as required will be sent to the client (both soft and hard copy). Normally the handover and liquidation will be carried out at the same time. Once the liquidation is signed by both parties, the clients receive the invoice from Sinhvu to complete the payment.

Customer care service

Sinhvu will support and provide free consultation on how to use and apply brand products in the most effective way at least 3 months since the liquidation date.

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