Mobile App design
Designing mobile apps for IOS, Android and researching UI UX according to the nature and characteristics of products
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Mobile applications are indispensible!

Speaking to products that reach customers on the mobile platform, you definitely have to think about providing applications to customers. With the advantages of speed, interface as well as security, the application has completely dominated the web-wap platform


Mobile application can increases the possibility of interaction between customers and your company


Designed specifically for mobile devices, mobile application is recommended to optimize the speed of the device as well as its productivity.


Mobile applications with good UX bring a good and impressive experience to users


Good UI will synchronize corporate brand identity with product and industry characteristics, increasing the ability to build trust to customers

Keep contact

Always receive notifications whether your or your customers’ mobiles turn off


Use all the functions of exploiting potential customers like Email, contacts, maps, photos, etc.

Process of designing Mobile Applications


Once Sinhvu is wanted, we will contact the clients for a date and ask for a meeting where we can discuss with clients to have a thorough understanding about their business and their needs. It’s also a chance for us to show them what we have done and why they should choose us. All questions from clients will be answered as well.


We will find out specific information about the Mobile Application to be designed. Includes elements such as application type, operator type deployed, number of layout

Product design

After researching and receiving all required information from customers, Sinhvu will carry out the design work.

Handover and liquidation

The final product after being adjusted as required will be sent to the client (both soft and hard). Normally the handover and liquidation will be carried out at the same time. Once the liquidation is signed by both parties, the clients receive the invoice from Sinhvu to complete the payment.

Customer care service

Sinhvu will support, free advice on how to use and apply brand products in the most effective way after the contract term is at least 3 months.

Brands accompanying with Sinhvu

Design requirement

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