Brand Identity
Any brand needs a symbol or image to communicate effectively with its customers
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What is brand Identity

Your identity tells other who you are uniquely, what you think about yourself and how you get things done.

A business can be recognized by many visual elements like its name, logo, website, advertisement, etc. Logo is the simplest way to have your brand recognized with a system of symbols and figures.


A professional brand identity system is an obvious evidence for your care and devotion to your business.


An eye-catching and smart brand identity system will make your products more attractive and memorable to your customers.


The more reliable and consistent your identity brand system is, the faster you’ll be able to build your customer trust.


Your brand messages to your customers must be clear and consistent because they are what make you different and make your customers choose you above all others.


No matter how good your identity is, it must be impressive to be recognized by your customers wherever it is seen.


Meet the requirement of global market and franchise-oriented business development

Design process


Once Sinhvu is wanted, we will contact the clients for a date and ask for a meeting where we can discuss with clients to have a thorough understanding about their business and their needs. It’s also a chance for us to show them what we have done and why they should choose us. All questions from clients will be answered as well.


If the fist meeting is successful and Sinhvu is selected, an information sheet including all design items will be sent to our clients. This helps us to collect information from the clients and has a thorough understanding about them and their requirements. The informtation sheet includes more then 200 identity design such as name card, manual book, sign board, staff card, file, letter head, envelop, etc. from which the clients can tick the items they want Sinhvu to design.


We will design the logo and selected items base on the clients’ information and requirements

Handover and liquidation

The final product after being adjusted as required will be sent to the client (both soft and hard). Normally the handover and liquidation will be carried out at the same time. Once the liquidation is signed by both parties, the clients receive the invoice from Sinhvu to complete the payment.

Customer care service

Sinhvu will support, free advice on how to use and apply brand products in the most effective way after the contract term is at least 3 months.

Brands accompanying with Sinhvu

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